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Fantasy Photoshoot


With Photographer Grace Lee

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This entry is not about cave diving, trekking, adventure racing, or exploring a foreign land.  Instead, it was about tapping into a creative, child-like, and imaginative self.  

A friend of mine, Grace Lee, who has taken head shots for me before (75% of the photos on this website are by her), teamed up with me for a second time to create a fantasy photoshoot.  Grace is actually a fellow female warrior that I have been training for three years now.  Among being a friend, she is also a strong athlete with a background in gymnastics, a TX Whiskey representation, and skilled photographer with a BA in Studio Art from TCU (Go Frogs)!  She is a special woman and I love working with her.

As Halloween approached, Grace reminded me about a credit I had towards a photoshoot.  It made me recall a thought from earlier in the year when I dreamed of a doing a photoshoot where my inner spirit, make-believe characters, and imagination could be brought to life.   The timing was perfect, the credit was there, a friend and mentor let us use her amazing loft, and most importantly the passion to create something new, were all resonating at the same time.  

We decided to use three different creatures:  a butterfly, dark mistress, and warrior.  

For me the BUTTERFLY represents my gentle and playful side.  It's an expression of my love for wildlife, the charm of nature, and the entrancement and mystery they bring.  In a much deeper level, the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly is a lot like the transition a person goes through from an immature form to an adult form; from ignorance to wisdom.  My belief, and hope, is that as I continue to evolve and grow, that I become wiser and more radiant from the inside out, while slowly and steadily metamorphosing into an enlightened and ardent soul.

The DARK MISTRESS is an expression of my recherch√© and dark side.  It in many ways represents the passion, the exotic, the mysterious, excitement, anger, and darkness that lives within all of us.   Therefore I wanted to pay homage to this dark side.   It's both alluring and dangerous, and not always what it seems...

The WARRIOR is the fighter and adventurer within me.  I have become a woman who refuses to be mentally or physically weak.  We must all be fighters in our own ways.  It is not easy to be strong or fit, to be mentally and emotionally healthy, to be kind and positive, to believe in dreams, to be wise, and compassionate.  This takes commitment and work, and you must fight for it.   I'm not always successful at winning every battle, but I never give up!  We are the captains of our ships.

In summary, this was an incredibly fun and creative day.  I was working around a team of talented, interesting, and dynamic women, and I am very grateful they shared their talents with me.  I highly recommend a fantasy photoshoot for everyone.  So my challenge for all the ladies, and men, is to find a way to bring your make-believe to life.  Let your child-like nature live, and please share your own experiences on here!

Grace Lee:

Hair, Makeup, Costume, and design by Corrie Donovan.

Location:  Home of fellow female warrior, Barbara Escudero.