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Your heart is free, may you always have the courage to follow it.  [Braveheart]

Welcome to THE Female Explorer BLOG

Outside of being a professional performer, I have an insatiable appetite for adventure.  Having a geologist as a father meant I grew up playing in the dirt, scaling mountains, eating weird things, and exploring foreign lands in pursuit of fun, research, and all the while sailing on a perpetual quest for enlightenment!  Yeah that's a mouth full but it's the truth.  I love to be outside, and I search for physical pursuits that are fun, test my grit, teach me something, and/or enrich my life experience.  In other words, I consider myself to be a student of life and an argonaut of sorts...

So I'm using this as a space to share my discoveries, hopefully entertain you with my debauchery and tomfoolery, and maybe even spark some curiosity and inspiration.  While most of my posts will be about my excursions, every once in a while this will extended itself to all things FUN, MUSICAL, HEALTHY, HUMANITARIAN, CREATIVE, HISTORICAL, TRAVEL, CRAZY, AND SPIRITUAL!

I also want to call out to all the other current and aspiring female explorers.  If you have an interest in this sort of thing, please join me by sending your thoughts, suggestions, experiences, and questions.  I want this to be a place of common ground where we can all learn and grow together into female warriors!  

Please join me as I step out my comfort zone and reach into the unknown...

Your heart is free, may you always have the courage to follow it… [Braveheart]

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